Child Abuse Statistics, Studies & Reports

Did You Know...

  • Child abuse prevention costs only a fraction of the millions of dollars currently needed to respond after a child has been abused.
  • Santa Clara County receives well over 20,000 reports of child abuse every year.
  • Child abuse occurs in every age group, every race, every religion and every economic group. No community is untouched.

Santa Clara County Plan to address Disproportionality in Child Welfare Cases

Recent Studies and Reports

November 2015- Infants Remaining at Home After an Allegation of Maltreatment

March 2015 - Casey Family Programs - "Reduce the Need for Foster Care: A National Scan of Interventions"

March 2015 - Child Abuse Prevention in the Greater Bay Area

2015 - Children's Advocacy Institute - "Shame on U.S.: Failings by All Three Branches of our Federal Government Leave Abused and Neglected Children Vulnerable to More Harm"

2014 - Santa Clara County Child Abuse Council Community Needs Assessment Report

Abuse Statistics Information

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