Council Funding

Sources of Funds

  1. AB 1733: These funds are allocated by California law for the prevention and treatment of child abuse. Both public and private agencies are eligible to receive these funds.
  2. AB 2994: These funds, known as Children's Trust Fund (CTF), are generated by a surcharge on the sale of birth certificates in Santa Clara County. These funds may be allocated to private non-profit agencies only.
  3. Council Operating funds: The Child Abuse Council receives its operating funds from two sources:
    1. Children's Trust Fund: Ten percent (10%) of the CTF money is allocated by law to the Council to be used for coordination purposes. This money is known as the "Set Aside Account."
    2. Self-Generated Funds: The Council may generate funds through its activities, such as the annual symposium or other training events. These funds are placed in the "246 Account" and may be used to defray council and committee expenses.

Any unspent money in the 246 Account can be "rolled over" at the end of the fiscal year. Unspent funds, if any, in the Set Aside Account at fiscal year end is transferred to the 246 Account to avoid losing it.


Disposition of Funds

  • Allocation of AB 1733 and AB 2994 Funds
    • The money in these funds is allocated to public and private agencies in the county for programs related to prevention or treatment of child abuse. (See Allocation Committee for details regarding this allocations process).
  • Disbursement of Operating Funds
    • The moneys for Council operation are disbursed by the County Social Services Agency, who serves as our fiscal agent. It takes three or more weeks for an Invoice to be paid by the County. No checks will be issued for pre-payment or be available for C.O.D.s.

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