Membership Committee


The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting Voting and Community Ad​visory Members of the Council as well as monitoring member activities and compliance with membership requirements.

The Chair of the Membership Committee is Stacy Castle, email: [email protected].


Membership Committee Meetings are open to the public. Please check the CAPC calendar to confirm the date, time and location of the meeting you wish to attend.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

Agendas and minutes for all Child Abuse Council committee and full Council meetings are posted for public access on the County of Santa Clara Boards and Commissions website.

Structure and Procedures:

  • The Membership Committee is responsible for preparing procedure and materials for new member orientation. They will provide annual orientations and provide mentors for each new member.
  • The Membership Committee will keep committee membership lists and monitor attendance and activity of Council Members at both Council and committee meetings. Those persons whose lack of attendance at meetings jeopardizes their membership will be brought to the attention of the committee, who will then take appropriate action.

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