Public Awareness Committee

To increase awareness and understanding of child abuse to support community and Council prevention activities.

The current Public Awareness Committee Chair is Johanna Thai Van Dat. Email: [email protected].


Public Awareness Committee Meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 3:30 P.M. Public Awareness Committee meetings are open to the public. Please check the online CAPC calendar to confirm the day, time, and location of the meeting you wish to attend.

Agendas and Minutes:

Please click here to view posted agendas and minutes for the Public Awareness Committee meetings.

A sample of past and current activities

  • The Healthy Relationships Public Service Announcement and Campaign.
  • The Blue Ribbon Campaign. The Council invites everyone in the community to wear a blue ribbon, to indicate concern for abused children and support for prevention efforts. Blue ribbons are distributed with child abuse information and parenting information. Blue ribbons can be worn all year but we concentrate our efforts in April, which is Child Abuse Awareness Month. This committee coordinates the Blue Ribbon effort.
  • Informational Brochures. The committee develops and distributes brochures about child abuse and about parenting skills which are distributed in the community.
  • San Jose Children's Fair. The Child Abuse Council is one of the sponsors of the San Jose Children's Fair in April. The Public Awareness Committee also organizes a booth for the fair. The committee is also considering participating in similar fairs in north county and in south county.
  • Media Awareness. The Public Awareness Committee distributes child abuse information to the mass media and responds to opportunities to discuss this information in interviews.
  • Special Educational Rights. The Committee is working to increase awareness of the special education and related services available to K-6 "exceptional needs" children.
  • Other Activities. The Public Awareness Committee has made specific outreach efforts with schools, religious communities, and libraries throughout the county. The committee is always looking for ways to provide the public with useful and helpful information.

Previous Fiscal Year Meeting Minutes

FY 2015-16 Public Awareness Committee Meeting Minutes

FY 2014-15 Public Awareness Committee Meeting Minutes

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