Santa Clara County Children's Death Review Team: An Attempt to Save Lives -- July 2001


  • This report is dedicated to the Children.
  • Special thanks to all members of the Santa Clara County Death Review Team for their professional contributions and commitment to the team and for their assistance with this report.
  • A very special thank you to Dr. Saul Wasserman, Child Psychiatrist, for writing this report and for his tireless dedication to the Santa Clara County Death Review Team.


Table of Contents (report -- PDF 171K)

  • Background
  • Recommendations - Six priority areas
    • Priority One-Prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care education
    • Priority Two-Interagency cooperation and communication
    • Priority Three-Protecting child protection
    • Priority Four-Adolescent needs
    • Priority Five-Training for law enforcement
    • Priority Six-Group home staff training
  • Trends In Children's Deaths
    • Accidental deaths
    • SIDS cases
    • Suicides
    • Teen homicides
    • Maltreatment Deaths
  • Appendixes
    • Child Death Criteria
    • Classifications of Death
    • Child Death Review Team Members
    • Past Contributing Members of the Death Review Team


Statistics (file -- PDF 18K)

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