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Hello CAPC Members! Thank you for your service to the Council and the County of Santa Clara. Here are some links to documents, websites, and people who can help you get and stay up-to-date on Council business.

Member Orientation Documents

When are the Council meetings?

Santa Clara County Commissions Rules

All Voting, Community Advisory, and Emeritus Members must file the Form 700 every year!

How do I contact the CAPC's clerk?

What's the CAPC's annual budget?

  • The annual budget is determined on a yearly basis based on funding from the County Trust Fund (CTF), Kid's Plate, and CAPIT. The CAPC's fiscal agent, Social Services Agency, along with the Council's leadership work to create a budget each March that is submitted to the Board of Supervisors for approval.
  • The FY 2018/19 budget is approximately 1.2 million. The majority of the budget goes to fund local child abuse prevention programs.
  • Learn more about the local programs we fund.
  • Learn about CTF Funding.
  • Learn about CAPIT funding

Child Abuse Prevention Council's exist in nearly every California County.

Other Helpful Resources:

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