CAPC Committees

Committees are the life blood of the Council in that the basic work of the Council, e.g., ascertaining community needs, raising community awareness, and conducting training, are carried out by committees. There is no limitation on the size of each committee, with the exception of the Executive Committee. Committees are subject to Brown Act requirements.

The following are active CAPC committees:

Committee Membership

  • Each member, both voting and community advisory, is required to serve actively on at least one committee. At the beginning of each fiscal year, members select which committee(s) they will serve on that year. It is important to establish the committee membership in order to meet quorum requirements for meetings.

  • Community advisory members have the same voting privileges and meeting requirements of voting members at committee meetings. Failure to attend three committee meetings during the year is reason to rescind committee membership.
  • Committees may find it useful to recruit members for their committee who are not members of the Council. These persons from the community may also vote on committee business.
  • If a committee member wishes to resign from that committee but not from the Council, he/she should submit a written letter of resignation to the Committee chairperson, who should then submit that information to the Membership Committee.

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