Past Grant Recipients

​For Fiscal Years 2015-18, the Child Abuse Prevention Council made funding recommendations totaling $800,000 each year to 13 local agencies providing child abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment programs. The funding recommendations, made possible through the Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Program (CAPIT) and County Children's Trust Fund (CTF) were approved by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.


FY 2015-18 Funded Agencies      
Program Agency Name Website FY 2016 Grant/Contract

Fatherhood Works

Fathers learn how to care for their child, create a productive relationship with the child's mother and find resources to continue their education and/or enter the workforce.

Bill Wilson Center $76,000/Contract

Parent-Child Interactive Therapy

Families participate in weekly sessions to improve family functioning, reduce stress, and learn healthy disciplinary techniques.

Bill Wilson Center $70,000/Contract

Transition-Age Parenting Youth

Comprehensive services for homeless youth ages 18-24, including young single parents and their children.

Bill Wilson Center $75,000/Contract

Baby Steps

In-home parent/child attachment and parenting support to pregnant women and infants, particularly those who have been impacted by the criminal justice system.

Bill Wilson Center $70,000/Contract

Child Abuse Prevention

Provides low-income and at-risk Latino families with skilled counseling, case management, support, and education to help families get their lives back on track.

Catholic Charities $43,000/Contract

Solutions to Violence

Empowerment-based services to support survivors of intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking crimes.

Community Health Awareness Council $35,000/Contract

Building Nurturing Families

Group sessions for parents/guardians and children to replace negative relationship patterns with new cycles of empathy and nurturing.

Community Solutions $43,000/Contract

Happy 5 Vietnamese Early Childhood Education

Assist Vietnamese immigrant parents develop positive parenting skills and learn about child development.

Family & Children Services $70,000/Contract

Child Abuse Prevention Program

Services to children with special needs and their parents in Spanish, English and Vietnamese.

International Children Assistance Network $43,000/Contract

Healthy Families Parenting Program

Evidence-based, secondary prevention workshops that teach positive parenting skills in Spanish and English to parents with multiple risk factors for child abuse and family violence.

Rebekah Children's Services $65,000/Contract

Birth and Beyond Family Empowerment Program

Parenting workshops, case management, and child enrichment programs in Spanish and English to increase knowledge about child development, promote positive interactions between parents and children, and set realistic family goals.

San Jose Grail Family Services $65,000/Contract

Imani Village

Family counseling and case management services to families with at-risk middle and high school age children.

Unity Care $75,000/Contract

Nurturing Parents

Parenting education, support groups and home visits for former foster youth who have children or who are expecting.

Unity Care $70,000/Contract

CAPC CAPIT CTF Regulations 

Funding Recommendation 2014 - 2015

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